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Legal Weed Implcations and Changes

It's no secret that marijuana is one everyone's mind. Smokers and non-smokers alike.
Sep 18 '13

Rolling up Joints for Legal Bud Smokers

The marijuana smoking lifestyle is not exclusively exclusive to pot heads, or stoners. In fact it is reported that politicians, lawyers, judges, and many other public officials and public figures such as movie stars and musicians all engage in puffing the magic dragon. Why then does something that is so commonly a part of society get such a bad rep? The answer can be traced as far back as the documentation of marijuana. When hemp was first discovered people realized that the stems, and the leaves, from the pot plant were powerful enough to be made into rope and paper. Since weed is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, needing very little maintenance to grow to huge proportions, it makes the creating and distribution of paper and rope extremely easy to the general public or new businesses. When it comes to smoking and inhaling it into your lungs though the story is different. You have to use a toke device to light up the bud, or spark it as some 420 lovers like to say. To get it into a compact cigarette that smokes like a spliff you need to know how to roll a joint tight enough to get a puff worth the time and effort of rolling it. This does not sit well with the paper mills, and rope manufacturing companies. They realized that since weed is a resource that is so easily manufactured and attainable, it is not a scarce resource like trees are. What does this mean to them? It means lost profits when hemp becomes the number one input in those products. 

These companies, in spite and anger, decided to lobby congress to make marijuana illegal to posses and consume on the basis that it is worse than beer. Many studies have however proven that weed, when consumed in modest amounts, is ten fold safer than beer or other alcohol consumed in modest amounts. People don’t realize that weed actually calms people down and makes them happy and in a laughing mood, instead of drunk, angry, and violent like alcohol does when people get wasted. You can’t over dose on weed, only get high enough to get the munches and eat everything in your cupboard. Critics also claim that stoners are lazy, but if you look at famous pot head musicians like the Beatles, you can’t say they were lazy, based on how much work they put in to write music that sold millions of records. The Beatles and many other artists and celebrities are pro legalization of bud, but yet still it has only passed as legal in two US states. Other countries such as Amsterdam and British Columbia allow their residents to toke up, so why doesn’t the USA allow the same thing?